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This center was established in 2015 with the effort of Mr. Jamal Al-Masry, a Palestinian Arab residing in Turkey, where he started, through his credibility, to build a large base of clients who trust him with all the confidence and trust, starting from arriving at the airport and supervising them step by step and paying attention to the smallest details of treatment and the necessary costs, saving Complete advice for each treatment case.

La Vida Clinic for medical and cosmetic services in Istanbul We follow international standards for cosmetic services in our work, where we were able to put an aesthetic imprint for us, which is the first of its kind in the field of beauty sector.

We use many of the most effective modern and advanced technology devices to get the patient the result he dreams of, and this is what the best doctors and cosmetic experts in our clinic achieve.

La Vida Clinic is always working hard to develop itself and work on its continuity, and it seeks to be the trust of its customers, make them happy and provide the best results that they aspire to reach.

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A full test is done before any surgery is performed.

With fewer fat cells, losing weight may be easier after liposuction.

Liposuction is a common surgical procedure that removes fat deposits from your body. While these incisions are usually less than an inch long, they turn into an invisible scar

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