Breast Plastic Surgery

It is known that a woman’s breast is one of the most attractive areas in the body and the center of femininity, and for this reason, science has found a solutio  to all the problems that can occur to a woman in her chest while she suffers, such as the size of a large or small chest or suffering from sagging and sagging chest, so I found plastic surgery for the chest To end the suffering of women.

breast augmentation This operation is characterized by enlarging the breast and making it a beautiful spherical shape, and also works to coordinate the breast through silicone implants that are used as much as the patient needs.

breast reduction Many women, especially after childbirth, suffer from an excessive increase in the chest, which makes their shape unbeautiful and causes them to have many psychological problems that affect their married life and their general life.

Breast reduction works to reduce the fat inside the chest and make its shape appear small and natural.

Breast lift and lift surgery This operation is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, because it is considered one of the sensitive operations and the doctor deals with it with complete care because it is related to the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the woman’s body, where the doctors tighten the chest and lift it up to make it look attractive and beautiful.

This process is also recommended for women who suffer from sagging in the
 chest due to breastfeeding, and to men who suffer from a large amount of weight
loss, which leads to sagging of their chest.

Breast plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery that takes from two to four hours to obtain the desired result, and the recovery process from the operation takes
approximately 10 days, where the doctor’s instructions must be followed after
the operation to obtain beautiful results and avoid any complications that can
occur to the chest.

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  • Do breast plastic surgery affect breastfeeding?

The operation does not affect breastfeeding and there are no side effects


  • Does the operation cause cancer?

The operation does not cause cancer, because the silicone material involved in the operation is not considered foreign by the body


  • When can I go to work after the operation?

3 days after the operation


  • Can silicone explode when exercising?

Silicon cannot explode because it is a very strong material.

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