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It is known that the obsession with beauty has become one of the temptations of this era, especially for women, so many women resort to performing fat injections in the face so that the face becomes full and harmonious to its general shape, and in this process the excess fat is taken from the body and injected into the parts to be beautified such as the face and chest And the buttocks, and this process is called autologous fat injection because the doctor uses his own fat without resorting to the use of industrial injections. The duration of the fat injections varies according to the area being injected.
The process of injecting facial fat is done by defining the face and the area to be injected before the operation, then general anesthesia is applied to the patient and the operation is performed without the patient feeling any kind of pain, and start injecting this fat in the previously identified areas. This process takes from half an hour to an hour, according to the patient’s need.
In this case, the patient must follow the instructions of the doctor who performed the operation in order not to be exposed to side effects and obtain the desired and desired results.

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  • Does scars or marks appear on the face after the injection?

There are no marks or scars from the injections on the face because the process is done with complete precision.


  • How is fat injected into the face?

Through a special device called a cannula, the fat is injected very deeply.


  • Is fat injection process enough to remove deep deformities?

One operation is not enough to remove the deformities, because in this case the patient needs to be injected from one to three times.


  • Is the patient anesthetized before the operation?

Yes, he is anesthetized with local anesthesia, and if the patient’s condition requires, he is completely anesthetized.

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