Gastric Balloon Operation

It is one of the cosmetic procedures that help in losing weight by giving the body a feeling of fullness in a faster way, as this procedure is performed by placing silicone balloon in the stomach containing salt inside, and this balloon reduces the patient’s food intake, and the stomach balloon operation is It is one of the successful operations, so it has increased in demand by obese people.

The gastric balloon operation takes from half an hour to an hour, and the patient can leave the hospital a few hours later, following the instructions of the doctor who performed the operation, and the initial results appear 6 months after the operation and helps in a decrease from 7 to 15% of the total body weight. Where the stomach balloon is inserted through an endoscope through the mouth, then it is filled with saline and it is extracted after 6 months when it finishes performing its therapeutic mission, and it happens that you feel nauseous after the operation and feel acidity and vomiting, and this is normal and should not be feared.

After its completion, the gastric balloon operation requires adherence to a healthy diet and a lot of vitamins that the body needs, and making many life changes that the body is accustomed to, such as exercising regularly and ensuring the components of the general safety of the body, so that the patient can obtain the desired results that he expects after the operation.

  • Is gastric balloon operation painful?

The stomach hurts the muscles and works to irritate them in the first two days, then it settles within days


  • Does the gastric balloon operation affect pregnancy?

It is better not to perform the operation during pregnancy, as it will not harm the mother and the fetus.


  • Can we perform the gastric balloon operation by laparoscopy?

Yes, where the endoscope is used in the operation.


  • How long does the balloon stay inside the stomach?

It lasts for 6 months and it is best to remove it after that to avoid any damages.

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