Golden Threads

It is a cosmetic procedure used in the face-lift process to obtain the advantages granted by the golden lines to facial features such as reducing wrinkles, enhancing the freshness of the skin and getting rid of the signs of
aging, through this process that takes a few hours without feeling pain, thanks to the local anesthesia that is placed before starting the operation The golden threads are considered one of the best types of threads that are used in the face-lift process, because they help in the flow of blood circulation and do not affect the work of the cells in the face.

They are made of 24 karat gold, so they are considered one of the best cosmetic procedures for tightening the face and highlighting its beauty.

People who suffer from flabbiness in the face, whether men or women and
who suffer from the appearance of fixed lines without making any facial expressions, are allowed to undergo a face-lift, and there is no need to stay
 in the hospital after the operation, knowing that there is a possibility of some complications such as swelling and redness in the The face and body temperature rise, and these complications are normal things that occur after the operation Golden threads are a sufficient process to beautify the face, so it is not recommended to perform another operation after the face-lift with golden threads of any kind, because this will cause severe pain to the patient in the face, and after completing the procedure, you must follow the doctor’s instructions and get good advice on everything related to the operation
before and after it.

● What areas of the face can be tightened with threads?

Neck, cheeks, eyelids and chin area

● How much does a facelift with golden threads need?

It takes about an hour and usually does not exceed that.

● How long do the results of a facelift with golden threads last?

The results will last for several years from the time of the procedure

● What are the risks of a facelift with golden threads?

There are no risks, but it is accompanied by some side effects such as redness, swelling and the appearance of some bruises.

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