The process of tightening the hands, abdomen and thighs

Many men and women resort to the process of tightening the hands, abdomen
and thighs to obtain a beautiful, harmonious and attractive shape. We also realize that the abdomen and thighs are among the most important places in the human body, especially for women. After childbirth, many women suffer from sagging abdomen and thighs, whether it was a natural birth. Or a cesarean section, and the process of losing weight significantly leads to the presence of flabbiness in the lower abdomen and thighs, which makes the body shape unbeautiful and unattractive.

The tightening process is carried out using modern and innovative techniques,
where the tummy tuck process begins from the navel area to the lower abdomen and the beginning of the genital area and the thighs area together, through which the sagging and flabby skin is pulled and the body is tightened and made consistent as well as the hands.

The process of tightening the hands, abdomen, and thighs takes from one to two hours, depending on the amount of fat and sagging inside the body, and stays for a whole day inside the hospital The operation is performed without pain due to the general anesthesia of the body that the patient receives before starting the operation.

To obtain the expected results, the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions, such as not walking a lot after the operation, resting for at least two weeks at home, and wearing a corset for the abdomen and thighs for a period of 3 to 6 weeks to prevent fluid accumulation inside the body and to get hands and abdomen Tight and beautiful thighs. Doctors also recommend massaging the abdomen, thighs and hands from time to time to achieve the desired results

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● Do scars remain after tummy tuck?

Usually, these scars are at the end of the abdomen from the bottom, which are hidden by underwear.

● How long does the recovery period take after the operation?

The patient needs from one to 4 weeks to recover his health and be able to lead his life normally.

● What are the side effects of a buttock lift?

High temperature, severe bleeding, chills with an increase in pain, and increased redness.

● How long does a buttock lift surgery take?

Buttock lift surgery ranges from one hour to two hours maximum.

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