The six-pack muscle operation for men

Many men seek to get the perfect body by highlighting the muscles in the abdomen without having to go to the gym. Medicine has found the perfect solution for this, which is the process of sculpting the abdomen for men and showing the hexagonal muscles to highlight the beauty of the abdomen.

This operation is done under general anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain, and the operation takes from two to six hours, and then the patient can eat food an hour after the operation and go about his normal life after 3 weeks, and the pain disappears after the operation by 4 days and the patient also needs a month And half until he gets the end result he wants.
The operation is also performed by injecting the body with fat to form muscles in the abdomen, or by sculpting the body through a four-dimensional sculpting
called 4D. This technique works on liposuction of the accumulated fat in the abdomen and sculpting it in the shape of hexagonal muscles Like any surgery, there are some side effects that appear on the patient after it is performed, and during the operation of the six muscles for men, damage to the nerves and blood vessels, the appearance of scars in the skin, discoloration of the skin, and fluids can occur.

Accumulation and some swelling that appear in the near part of the operation, so you must follow the doctor’s instructions and orders to supervise the operation in order to reduce the appearance of these side effects and obtain the desired results.

  • How long does the sex pack operation for men take?

It takes 2 hours to 6 hours maximum.


  • What is the traditional technique in the men’s sexback sculpting process?

It uses 4D sculpting technology


  • How long does the patient need to recover from this operation?

It takes a month and a half to 3 months until the final result.


  • Are there any effects of the operation?

There are side effects

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