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It is well known that the eyes are the most beautiful things that exist in the human being, because they reflect our true feelings, whether they are joy or sadness, and on them the measure of beauty is placed among people, as the poets said while singing with eyes in their poetry and poems, so we see that attention in the eyes is one of the first principles that must be placed under it. Two lines of great importance, especially after advancing age, this increases interest in them and protects them from problems that cause health problems such as sagging of the upper eyelids, as this problem in itself hinders the eye from seeing and causes vision problems.

Modern science has found a solution to this problem, which is eyelid tightening. This operation depends on improving the outer appearance of the eye and revitalizing and rejuvenating the face by tightening the upper eyelids with a laser or traditional surgery in cosmetic ways that prevent the effects of the operation around the eyes. Which gives the patient a natural beauty and looks younger than his real age.

The patient needs from one to two weeks to recover from the upper eyelid lift operation and remove the surgical stitches from it if the operation was done in the traditional way other than the laser operation that does not need surgical stitches, but in this case you must follow the doctor’s orders and advice to get impressive and beautiful results for the shape of your eyes after The operation, and minimizing the complications that can happen to you after the operation

● How long does the operation take to hide the scars?

It takes about 6 months for the scars to disappear from the face and to get the results.

● How long does the patient stay under eyelid lift surgery?

He stays from one to two hours, after which he can be discharged from the hospital.

● How long do the effects of the operation remain on the face?

stay for 10 years

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