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The face is the identity of the human being, and only it shows expressions of joy and sadness, and the various expressions through which our personalities appear, so we must take care of it and appear in it in its most beautiful appearance.

But with advancing age, these wrinkles and sagging in the face in general and
around the eyes in particular increased, which makes it difficult for these wrinkles and sagging to go away. We find that the face-lift process is the most suitable for this case because this process works to get rid of the sagging of the face completely using the best tools and without pain.

The general meaning of a face-lift is defined as a process performed to get rid of wrinkles and other things that distort the face, through face-lifting with modern techniques such as lasers, non-surgical methods and surgical methods, and facelifting using surgical threads, not to mention the innovative tools in this field. The facelift procedure is known as a Face Lift.

Many people resort to this procedure because they want to get rid of wrinkles on their faces that are caused by aging, losing a large amount of fat in a short period, or due to genetic factors that led to these wrinkles.

After the operation is completed, bandages are placed on the face to prevent
inflammation of the wounds, redness and swelling that occur around the eyes,
and the patient needs from one to two weeks to recover, so the doctor’s
instructions must be followed regarding the operation and the best ways to heal in a short period.

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● What is the ideal age for a facelift?

There is no ideal and suitable age for a facelift procedure, but the majority of people who are in their late thirties and early forties go for this procedure when aging affects them. Despite that, some young people have recently appeared who follow modern fashion by performing this procedure.

● Is the facelift procedure painful?

The pain level is estimated as an average for using local anesthetic during the operation, and the patient is also advised to use pain relievers after the operation, thus reducing the intensity of pain.

● How much time do I need to see real results?

The real result appears after the operation 2-3 months, so the patient can enjoy the result for more than 10 years.

● Can I play sports after the operation?

Do not exercise for a maximum of 3 weeks to avoid high blood pressure that delays recovery and improvement.

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