Forehead Reduction Surgery

Many people suffer from a large forehead, which is one of the most prominent
signs of beauty in the human face, but a large forehead, called the broad forehead, is a big problem that affects the psyche of anyone who suffers.

Therefore, the doctors prepared the perfect solution to this problem, which is the process of reducing the forehead, which helps to make the forehead suitable and consistent with the face.

Where the forehead reduction process is defined as a cosmetic procedure that
raises the forehead and lowers the hair line to suit the face, and the causes of a large forehead are due to hair loss, genetic factors, or infection with some

The operation takes a maximum of two to three hours, and after a few hours the patient can return home and leave the hospital. The patient must review every week with the doctor who performed the operation to make sure that the operation was completed successfully The process of reducing the forehead is done either by transplanting the hair in the front of the head or following the incision method of the forehead and re-sew it in a professional cosmetic way, through which no trace of the operation appears.

The patient must follow the advice of the doctor responsible for his condition to obtain the desired results, and the wound must be kept clean and taken care of so that no infection occurs and the wound becomes infected after the operation.

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● How long does forehead reduction surgery take?

It takes two to three hours at most.

● What are the treatment methods for forehead reduction?

Simple treatment, surgical treatment, hair transplantation.

● Does the patient need a long time to recover after forehead reduction surgery?

It does not take much time, all it needs is a week to reduce the effects of bruises and redness on the face.

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