Texas with Fillers or Threads

We notice that everyone is looking for a specific and beautiful face, especially in the chin area, and we see that men and women resort to getting a wide jaw and a sculpted chin to grow the jaw muscles and make their face more sharp and beautiful, and on this medicine created the Texas technique that works by injecting fillers into the muscles of the jaws or using golden threads This results in tightening the neck and exposing the jaws.

What is unique about this process is that the result appears immediately after the operation without waiting for weeks.

The Texas operation addresses the problem of a short or small chin, a squareshaped jaw and an unpopular masculine shape in women, and it also works to beautify the very thin and hollow cheeks.
While the patient can practice his work immediately after the operation without feeling pain, and the side effects are almost non-existent or any distortions that can occur in the face after the operation.
Texas needles last for a long period of 3 to 4 months, and it is one of the cheapest cosmetic techniques that elderly or young people can resort to to increase and improve the appearance of their beauty for the better and the desire to obtain the appropriate face shape for them.

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  • Is Texas surgery painful?

He has some headaches, but these symptoms only last for a short time.


  • Is the patient exposed to allergies after the injection?

The answer is yes if the patient suffers from an allergy to the substances in the composition of the injection material.


  • Is it permissible for a pregnant woman to perform this operation?

A woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding her baby cannot have this procedure.

Do wrinkles return worse than before in the face after the effect of Texas substance?

This is not true at all, when the active ingredient expires, the face returns to its normal shape before the operation.

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